Rental Snowshoes at the Yellowstone Yurt Camp

We offer an assortment of skis, boots, poles, and snowshoes for rent at the Yellowstone Yurt Camp. We also offer gaiters for use in the deep Yellowstone Powder.

Our rental price for gear at the Yurt Camp is $15 per day. We charge a one half day rate for both the first and last days stay at the camp. It is best to tell us ahead of time if you would like to rent skis or snowshoes so that we can make sure we have your size available. We always have some gear available at the camp for a backup in case your gear fails or breaks. Additionally, we find that many people want to try out different types of skis or in some cases skiers may enjoy a day of snowshoeing or snowshoers may want to try a little glide on a pair of cross country skis.

Rental Skis and Snowshoes are available at the 'Yurt Camp'

We will have new Rental Snowshoes at the Yellowstone Yurt Camp in 2020-2021

We will be updating our snowshoe rentals the winter of 2020-2021. We have not yet decided for sure which brand and model of shoes to upgrade to. More to come on that- for now here is the information on our older snowshoes.

Yuba 8x22 Snowshoes Our Yuba Model Snowshoes are good general purpose backcountry shoes. This model is the sport utility vehicle of the snowshoe world. It can go anywhere and do anything. While other snowshoes may excel in specific areas like running or mountaineering you can do it all with this snowshoe. These snowshoes come in three different sizes for different sized people and various snow conditions.


Small Model

Medium Model

Large Model